Mark Thompson

First,I’d like to THANK YOU Dr Lange…My dry eye problem (which was severe) is 100% fine after taking Fortifeye for several months. I will continue taking your supplements. Just amazing, I truly have zero symptoms now–yes, zero! I will see you in a few weeks for my appointment at your Ocala location for a check-up. Also…my Mother’s local Sarasota Dr. detected some early dry Macular Degeneration. For the first time this week (he did not find MD at her annual appt. 12 months ago) She has been told she will go blind (you can image the sorrow my Mom has with those words replaying every day in her mind). She is 76,has not noticed anything unusual with her vision at all. I ordered your Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense today. My mother is taking your Fortifeye Focus, Super omega-3 fish oil and following your diet recommendations as well.I will do anything,to help her delay (hopefully stop) the on set of this. Thank you again for your help and all that you are doing to help patients.