Henry P.

I am a 64 yo male that has been wearing contact lenses for a few years. I have never been able to wear the lenses for more than a few hours without having to use rewetting drops. The lenses would tend to dry out and my vision would start to blurr unless i used rewetting drops eight to ten times a day. My Optometrist recommended that I try the Fortifeye Super Omega two times a day and Fortifeye Focus one time a day. Wow , what a difference! After one month of using the Super Omega and the Focus  I can now wear the contact lenses all day without any irritation or dryness and i dont have to use rewetting drops at all anymore. I have also noticed my skin is more hydrated with virtually no dry areas anymore. I would never have believed a product could have worked so well and so quickly.

– Henry P.
Dunnellon Florida