Glenda about Ocusoft Baby!

Anyone looking for GREAT lid hygiene read this!!!! I found out “Ocusoft Baby” wipes have the IDENTICAL ingredients (at less cost) as Ocusoft Plus wipes. I am so excited about this I have to tell my experience since using them in place of Ocusoft Plus or regular wipes & the differences I find between the products:
Ocusoft Baby has very…very “large” wipes (almost like a real baby wipe) they are not the small square wipes that you have to cut in half to save cost, they are extremely soft! not gritty yet still remove all junk around eyes in the morning including makeup & mascara in the evening like a charm, my face is so moist instead of dry when using Ocusoft Baby, they are “Extremely wet” I actually have to give the wipes a little pinch in the sink because they are so wet which, I find a better issue than not having enough on the wipe, I have very sensitive skin they are so soft for a “babies skin” However, I am 46 & use them on my whole face!! I absolutely love these!!! Thank you Fortifeye for telling me about this product for my face & lid hygiene!! To think the same ingredients at a lower price with a lot more product to offer than any wipes I have ever used (I am in Heaven now that I have these) they are the plus pads for babies and me! 🙂 
For my Dog….yes that is correct I use Ocusoft baby on my doggie! Like many other doggies he had patches of hair missing almost like mange; I used the wipes on the areas that burnt, itched, were flaking or bother him (almost looking infected) especially when he would start to get real itchy I rub him down with “one wipe” for his entire little body, he now has new hair growth, no more itching or look of mange! Ocusoft Baby is great  🙂
Hope to help others,  Glenda from Florida