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Naked Super Protein


Fortifeye Performance Whey Super Protein Naked Bottle Label

Fortifeye “Naked” Super Protein is Non Denatured, unbleached whey protein from Grass fed New Zealand cows.  This is the same great protein that Fortifeye has been using in their chocolate and vanilla proteins just Naked!  This simply means it is pure protein and nothing else.  There is no stevia, no flavoring, no guar gum and no lecithin just pure protein.  This is great to add to pancakes , waffles or smoothies to gain more super high quality protein.  This is perfect for the Purists that want the most natural plain protein available.

Here are articles that discuss the benefits of Astaxanthin.  This powerful natural anti-inflammatory is found in our Fortifeye Focus.  Taking together with our Fortifeye Super Protein is a great pre/post recovery combination.

Article: Boosting Your Immune System Naturally by Dr Michael Lange

AstaReal Articles:
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Fortifeye Super Protein (Chocolate)

(Also Available in Vanilla)

New Non-denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed Pasture raised New Zealand cows.

Unbleached, non denatured Whey protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand cows great for anti aging. Whey Protein is the fastest most bioactive form of protein known to man. Whey protein has the highest biological value (BV) of all food grade proteins at a BV of 104. Whey Protein is high in a specific amino acid called leucine . Leucine is the “Mack Daddy ” amino acid for stimulating muscle synthesis. Whey protein is far superior to casein, soy or any other protein for muscle synthesis.

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