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Fortifeye Fit

23.2 oz – 20 Servings
Available Flavors: Strawberry-Watermelon and Fruit Punch

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Strawberry Watermelon
Price: $45.00

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Fortifeye Fit a pre workout and post workout supplement

Dr. Michael Lange develops the newest addition to the Fortifeye Family. Fortifeye Fit is available as a pre and post recovery drink. Fortifeye Fit is the fist product in the Fortifeye Performance line of quality products to come.

Fortifeye Fit is a carefully thought out  workout supplement that was developed to be used as both a pre workout and post workout supplement. This powder was developed using all of the highest quality ingredients with no dyes, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or carrageenan. All of the latest sports nutrition science was taken into consideration in the development of this formula to enhance muscle synthesis, strength and endurance. All of the evidence based nutrients that are used in this formula and are backed by good clinical studies.  Dr Lange and the Fortifeye Vitamin team carefully picked each ingredient based on the vast amount of clinical studies each have .  This was a 2 year process in the development of Fortifeye Fit.  We recommend one scoop half hr prior to working out and one scoop right after working out. You can mix or shake it with water or any beverage of choice. For maximum benefits we also recommend adding one scoop of Fortifeye Super Protein or Fortifeye Performance Whey Isolate to the post workout drink. Learn more »

Ingredients: (D Ribose, Creatine, BCAAs, Betaine Anhydrous, L Glutamine, L Citraline, Collagen, Cluster Dextrin, Astaxanthin, Velositol) Learn more »


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Advanced Dry Eye Therapy

advanced dry eye therapy box

The combination of Fortifeye Super Omega, Fortifeye Focus and Fortifeye Black Currant oil/GLA work synergistically together to help decrease dry , fatigued, tired eyes .

Price: $62.00

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These supplements  help to control oxidation and inflammation in the eye and entire body.  This combination has been used for years in very busy dry eye centers throughout the country and is now available for the first time to the public as of January 2019.  They are packaged together and discounted dramatically over buying them each individually. here is a link discussing the  science behind these 3 supplements and how they work together https://www.fortifeye.com/articles/natural-treatment-for-dry-eyes/


Dr Michael Lange (optometric physician and certified nutrition specialist) has been involved in research and development of nutritional supplements for ocular health for over 25 years. Over the years Dr Lange has seen what works and what doesn’t in a very busy dry eye clinical practice at The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida. He calls this “ the dry eye capital”. There is plenty of research that shows improvement in dry eye symptoms and clinical signs of dry eye when patients take the right amount and correct form of omega 3 fish oil. Dr Michael Lange developed Fortifeye Super Omega over 10 years ago and this supplement is being used by doctors all over the world for dry eyes with positive results.  click on this link to learn more about Fortifeye Super Omega https://www.fortifeye.com/products/fortifeye-super-omega-3-fish-oil/

There is also science based evidence that an Omega 6 derivative called GLA has potential positive benefits for the dry eye patient. Dr Lange has used between 140mg of GLA combined with Omega 3 with great success in his dry eye clinics. One of the most exciting nutrients on the market now is Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is the most potent carotenoid  that has both antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects. Dr Lange and his team at The Lange Eye Institute have been using a supplement he developed called Fortifeye Focus that is a combination of 6 mg of Astareal Astaxanthin , 10mg of lutein and 2 mg of zeaxanthin isomers. This supplement has shown some amazing promise at helping to reduce dry , tired eye symptoms. Fortifeye Focus is the first and only supplement in the industry that uses this combination of carotenoids with an olive oil delivery system in a fish gel capsule. These carotenoids cross the blood retinal barrier and go to both the front and back of the eye. The lutein and zeaxanthin improve macular pigment density and help to absorb the harmful blue light that is being emitted from our digital screens and lighting we are in contact with on a daily basis. Astaxanthin improves choroidal circulation to the eye and improves ciliary muscle functioning ability. Astaxanthin actually improves amplitude of accommodation which improves focusing ability in the eye and reduces eye strain especially from digital screens. Astaxanthin also supports the “power house of the cell” the  mitochondria  that are responsible for cellular respiration and detoxification of the cells.  Clinically, doctors have seen significant benefits with reduced eye strain and reduced dry eye symptoms from the Fortifeye Focus supplement.  click on this link to learn more about Fortifeye Focus   https://www.fortifeye.com/products/fortifeye-focus/

Blood testing has shown lower inflammatory markers in the blood when patients have taken the Fortifeye Super Omega and additional lowering of these inflammatory markers with the addition of Fortifeye Focus. These two supplements seem to have a synergy and work very well together. Many of the moderate to marked dry eye patients have benefited even further with the addition of GLA to this regiment of Fortifeye Super Omega and Fortifeye Focus. Dr Michael Lange  and The Lange Eye Institute have amazing results using and all natural approach for  dry eye patients. Dry eye nutrition works when done with the correct supplements in the correct ratios. Dr Lange has utilized hundreds of different combinations of nutrients and obtained objective and subjective clinical data in the development of these supplements. A multitude of intracellular blood tests and omega index tests have been done to determine what percentages and forms of these nutrients work the best

After carefully evaluating all of the evidence based science , Dr Lange has taken all of these 3 supplements and put them all together in a cost-effective box called Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy. Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy will contain  Fortifeye Super omega, Fortifeye Focus and  Fortifeye Black Currant Oil/GLA .  This combination of supplements is utilizing all of the latest ,best quality , evidence based supplements to enhance ocular health and functioning ability naturally. These nutrients have plenty of good clinical studies showing benefits to dry eye, eye strain and fatigue, macular pigment density, Skin health, joint health, muscle endurance , muscle recovery, mitochondrial support and much more. Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy will be the latest natural approach for helping the patients with dry, tired eyes with numerous other general health benefits.  This formula is also recommended for anyone suffering with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).  This new dry eye supplement is available as of January 2019. Give the fuel your body and eyes thirst for with Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy.

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Dr. Michael Lange and Dr. Karen Hecht discuss the amazing health benefits of a super carotenoid called astaxanthin.

View Astaxanthin Studies:
Astaxanthin for Dry Eye Applications

Fortifeye Black Currant Seed Oil / GLA

Price: $21.00

Black Currant oil is very high in an essential fatty acid called GLA ( gamma-linolenic acid).  GLA is very difficult to get in the typical diet. GLA is a natural anti inflammatory  that also promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. GLA also supports normal blood flow and a healthy immune system. Black Currant oil is also high in Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA)  a plant based omega 3. Fortifeye Black Currant Oil has 140mg of GLA in each gel cap!

There is science based evidence that GLA a derivative of Omega 6 has potential positive benefits for the dry eye patient.  Dr. Lange has used 140mg of GLA combined with Omega 3 with great success in is dry eye clinics.  here is a link that goes to an article discussing natural dry eye relief and the science behind GLA for dry eye.  https://www.fortifeye.com/articles/natural-treatment-for-dry-eyes/


Price: $21.00

Dr. Michael Lange and Dr. Karen Hecht discuss the amazing health benefits of a super carotenoid called astaxanthin.

Fortifeye Super Omega-3 Fish Oil


Price: $28.00

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Newest most concentrated and purified Omega Three Fish Oil by Fortifeye®

  • High Potency/Triple Strength 900 EPA/600 DHA
  • Best value in the industry for triglyceride form omega-3
  • Now available Fortifeye Super omega 3 MAX an EPA of 1200 and DHA of 900 in 2 gel caps. This is one of the most potent omega 3 fish oils in triglyceride form available . New emerging science is proving that an EPA of at least 1000 mg is necessary for many diseases like dry eye syndrome.  Fortifeye Super Omega 3 Max is one of the only omega 3 supplements with higher than theses levels per dose.  Many new studies also show that omega 3 in these dosages is beneficial for muscle recovery in athletes.  Athletes will benefit dramatically from consuming this type of omega 3 when combined with a new supplement being developed by Dr Michael Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins called Fortifeye Fit.  Fortifeye Fit should be available in August or September 2019.

Natural Triglyceride Form • Molecularly Distilled for Maximum Purity Natural Orange/ Lemon Flavor • Pharmaceutical Grade

Heart Health • Brain Health • Eye Health • Joint Health • Circulation • Good Blood Pressure • Healthy Cholesterol • Improved Triglycerides • Skin, Hair & Nail Health • Mental & Cognitive Health

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Fortifeye Focus

Price: $28.00

Fortifeye FOCUS was developed for reviving, rejuvenating, refreshing and protecting your eyes. It is used to give the nutrients studies show may help reduce eye fatigue and strain from prolonged near-work and computer work.† Also specific ratios of carotenoids are used to protect the eye from the harmful blue light emitted from computer, tablets, smart phones, television, sun light and new forms of indoor lighting.

Click here to read and print: Whats Your Blue

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Fortifeye Super Protein (Vanilla)

$38.00 (On Sale from $46.00)

(Also Available in Chocolate)

New vanilla flavored Non-denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed Pasture raised New Zealand cows.
Unbleached, non denatured Whey protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand cows great for anti aging. Whey Protein is the fastest most bioactive form of protein known to man. Whey protein has the highest biological value (BV) of all food grade proteins at a BV of 104. Whey Protein is high in a specific amino acid called leucine . Leucine is the “Mack Daddy ” amino acid for stimulating muscle synthesis. Whey protein is far superior to casein, soy or any other protein for muscle synthesis.

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