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Fortifeye becomes sponsor of PCA USA for 2022

Fortifeye Vitamins will become the sole nutritional supplement sponsor of PCA USA for 2022. Dr Michael Lange has always had a passion for bodybuilding and fitness and said this is one of the best ways to get Fortifeye Vitamins Performance Nutrition brand out to this group of athletes. The Fortifeye Performance Nutrition team has sponsored many world class athletes over the last few years. Fortifeye Vitamins also has many past and current world champion athletes using the Fortifeye Performance Nutrition lines of supplements. The Performance Nutrition line is doctor developed using the very latest in evidence based sports nutrition to support muscle , ligament, tendon and skin health. These formulas were developed to give the nutritional support to enhance energy and endurance while supplying valuable nutrients to every organ in the body. Dr Richard Hall of The Lange Nutrition Center and Fortifeye Vitamins is the current Commissioner of PCA USA and says this is the perfect match for both. PCA and Fortifeye are both promoters of healthy fitness and are constantly involved in educating their athletes on the proper and healthy way to train and recover. The Fortifeye Performance Nutrition Team will be at all the PCA USA body building events for 2022. Please come on out to any of the events and see these amazing athletes on stage.