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Fortifeye Super Protein (Vanilla)


(Also Available in Chocolate)

New vanilla flavored Non-denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed Pasture raised New Zealand cows.

Fortifeye Performance Whey Super Protein Vanilla Bottle Label

Unbleached, non denatured Whey protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand cows great for anti aging. Whey Protein is the fastest most bioactive form of protein known to man. Whey protein has the highest biological value (BV) of all food grade proteins at a BV of 104. Whey Protein is high in a specific amino acid called leucine . Leucine is the “Mack Daddy ” amino acid for stimulating muscle synthesis. Whey protein is far superior to casein, soy or any other protein for muscle synthesis.

Article: Boosting Your Immune System Naturally by Dr Michael Lange

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