Paleo Simplified Energy Bar, Nutty Fruit Bliss 6 Pack


Nutty Fruit Bliss, original bar! We wanted a bar slamming with nutrition, loaded with antioxidants and would help  towards a  Paleo weight loss goal.  Oh, and of course, it had to be delicious.  This satisfying bar is  perfect for after  workouts and also for a Paleo meal.  With over 27 vitamins and minerals gives the energy and stamina  needed to get through the day.  With such a low glycemic response, there is  no crash and burn and still get to enjoy the delicious flavors of the dates, cashews and goji berries.  The tart-sweet cherries made this oh so delicous! You will think so too!  Don’t wait. Get this delivered to your door right now.


Price: $21.50
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