OPTASE® Tea Tree Oil Lid Wipes

20 Sterile Eyelid Wipes

Price: $18.00

A gentle and preservative free, Tea Tree Oil (TTO) based lid wipe for daily eye lid hygiene.

How to use
Wash your hands then remove the wipe from its sachet and wrap over finger. Close your eye and move the wipe gently across the eyelid and lashes from side to side several times.

Always read the label and instructions for use

How it works

OPTASE® TTO lid wipes should be used as part of your daily dry eye regimen.

  • Keeping the lid margin and lashes clean helps keep eye lid debris and excess oils under control.
  • A clean healthy lid margin is essential in order to produce healthy tears and avoid irritation.
  • The gentle concentration of Tea Tree Oil and Camomile is soothing for tired, dry, and sore eyes.

Product Information

  • Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sachets
  • Each wipe contains soothing and moisturizing properties of Tea Tree Oil, Hyaluronic acid, Camomile and Aloe Vera
  • Preservative free so no need to rinse off after use
  • Textured to remove debris, scurf and excess oil
  • Use as part of the 3 step OPTASE® HEAT, CLEANSE, HYDRATE regimen
  • Always read the label and instructions for use.