FRESHKOTE PF Lubricant Eye Drops

FRESHKOTE PF - Carton and Bottle Image  
Preservative Free
.33FL OZ (10 ml) Bottle
by Eyevance Pharmaceuticals LLC.

Price: $30.00

Nuture Your Eyes

If you suffer from dry eye symptoms, FRESHKOTE PF can help you experience soothing relief.

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  • FRESHKOTE Preservative Free (PF) offers a fresh approach to treating dry eye symptoms.
  • FRESHKOTE PF is Patented Polymer Blend of polyvinyl alcohol and povidone supports all layers of the tear film. It has a Triple-Acting Formula that reduces evaporation and increases stability of the tear film while high oncotic pressure draws excess water from the epithelial cells.
  • The State-of-the-Art Multidose Bottle provides more than a month’s worth of preservative free drops when doses 4 times a day. Lastly, FRESHKOTE PF is compatible for use with contact lenses.