Fortifeye Super Protein (Chocolate)


Fortifeye Super Protein Chocolate

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(Also Available in Vanilla)
New Non-denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed Pasture raised New Zealand cows.

Whey protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand cows great for anti aging.

Unbleached , non denatured  Whey protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand cows great for anti aging.

Most dairy cows are raised in a confined area and are fed genetically modified grains in feed lots that are enhanced with hormones and antibiotics to increase milk production. Fortifeye Super Protein is derived from New Zealand dairy cows that are grass fed free range year round. This protein is free from pesticide, hormones and antibiotics. New Zealand is where lush, green grass flourishes and is ideal for grass fed dairy farming. Generations of dairy farmers have worked with the land in New Zealand to make New Zealand dairy the best in the world. New Zealand farmers care deeply about the quality of the grass their cows eat. They have the highest standards in dairy quality , safety and care in the world . Grass fed cows produce the highest quality milk that our whey protein concentrate comes from.  Most whey proteins are bleached using harsh chemicals to remove the coloring in the cheese to get their white color.  Fortifeye Suoer Protein uses no bleaching agents at all in the production of this superior quality protein.

Dr. Michael Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins researched the best possible dairy cows to use when developing Fortifeye Super Protein. The conclusion was to use year round grass fed New Zealand dairy cows. Fortifeye Super Protein is a non denatured whey protein concentrate from grass-fed New Zealand cows. This protein has an all natural flavor system that makes both the chocolate and the vanilla delicious and it readily mixes with any liquid. Fortifeye also has a Naked Protein that has no flavoring system at all for the people who only want pure whey protein concentrate and nothing else. All of the Fortifeye Super Proteins are free from A1 beta casein. Fortifeye decided to use only whey protein that contains no casein since the majority of milk and casein proteins contain a genetically mutated A1 beta casein protein instead of A2 beta casein. Fortifeye Vitamins and Dr Michael Lange recommend when drinking milk make sure the milk comes from A2 cows or goats. These forms of milk will not cause the potential health issues that have been documented from drinking cows milk from A1 cows.

A non denatured or undenatured whey protein concentrate from grass-fed New Zealand cows is significantly different from most traditional non pasture raised or partial pastured whey protein concentrates . Grass fed cows will typically have 60% or higher omega 3 content in their milk versus non grass-fed cows milk. This is crucial since the typical diet is pro inflammatory and is already too high in omega 6 . Drinking a milk protein that is higher in omega 3 will help the body to fight off inflammation and promote wellness. Consuming a whey protein concentrate that has a higher ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 is a step in the right direction of anti aging .

Grass fed pasture raised cows are much higher in a very important fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA has some enormous positive health benefits and immune system stimulating properties. Studies indicate that CLA may be beneficial to heart health and have some anti cancer and anti diabetic benefits as well. Grass fed pasture raised cows have up to 500% more CLA than non grass-fed cows. New research proving CLA is great for the heart and other potential diseases

A bioactive non denatured , Unbleached whey protein concentrate like Fortifeye Super Protein is the best way to stimulate the master antioxidant and detoxifier in the body called Glutathione. Non denatured means the protein has not been heated or alterred . Fortifeye Super Protein is processed using a low temperature cold ultrafiltration process. The key amino acid cysteine combines with glutamic acid and glycine to make glutathione. Glutathione levels continuously decline as we age. Glutathione deficiencies are linked to many illnesses and diseases. Replenishing glutathione levels by consuming a whey protein concentrate is recommended by anti aging doctors all over the world.

Lactoferrin is another key immune boosting component of whey protein. Lactoferrin is a globular glycoprotein that has many potential health benefits. New research indicates that lactoferrin may have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and possibly anti carcinogenic effects. Relatively new research indicates people with dry eyes may have lower than normal levles of lactoferrin in their tears. Dry eye treatment with lactoferrin? The future of natural dry eye treatment may involve supplementing with a good grass fed whey protein concentrate.

Whey Protein is the fastest most bioactive form of protein known to man. Whey protein has the highest biological value (BV) of all food grade proteins at a BV of 104. Whey Protein is high in a specific amino acid called leucine . Leucine is the “Mack Daddy ” amino acid for stimulating muscle synthesis. Whey protein is far superior to casein, soy or any other protein for muscle synthesis.

You can clearly see that the addition of a good non denatured grass fed un bleached whey protein concentrate may be beneficial to your overall health and help to promote a healthy immune system. Fortifeye Super protein combined with organic fruits and vegies in a smoothie is a great way to start the am . If you are trying to maximize each of your workouts then a pre workout drink using 1 scoop of Fortifeye Super Protein blended with 1-2 cups of coconut milk or almond milk, blue berries , organic honey and a bananna. Post recovery workout drink with in 30 minutes of training would benefit from a scoop of Fortifeye Super Protein, a wedge of watermellon blended with 1-2 cups of A2 chocolate milk . read about the science behind this combination for increasing the benefits of your workouts.

4 Reviews of “Fortifeye Super Protein (Chocolate)

  1. Review by: Dr. Ronald P. Snyder

    At the age of 72, I am more physically active than ever. I work out in the gym every other day because it is essential that I maximize and maintain my health. And yes, I am also interested in enhancing my physique. On those days that I am not at the gym, I can be found of the golf course or the practice range. Since adding Fortifeye Super Protein to my dietary regime, I have noticed enhanced performance and my sore muscles seem to repair more quickly.

  2. Review by: Maxine

    Starting using Fortifeye Super Protein Chocolate Flavor and Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense. Tried the pre-work out recipe given on the site. I would recommend making it with CALIFIA FARMS Vanilla Almond milk. This recipe is so delicious! Could not believe how good it tastes! I have it for breakfast and then wait 1/2 hour to work out. Interestly enough I am not hungry till lunchtime because it makes such a large smoothie. Very filling. Thank you Dr. Lange for mentioning it to me!

  3. Review by: Tom Bluemling

    Hi Dr. Lange,
    I’m writing to describe by positive results with your products, most specifically Super Protein.
    I’m a 66 year old male who has dealt with heart palpitations for 20-30 years. Each family physician I talked with said it was stress or lack of sleep. I grew to just accept it.
    About six months ago, Dr Lange suggested I try the Super Protein to promote overall health. After a month, I began to notice a marked change in the occurrence of palpitations. I mentioned this to Dr Lange. He immediately said four things can cause palpitations. As my family physicians had said, stress, sleep and dehydration , however, Dr. Lange also said a lack of Glutathione can cause the problem.
    Super Protein contains the Glutathione.
    My palpitations have decrease immeasurably. I owe it to Dr. Lange and his products. I trust Dr. Lange for my eyes and my nutritional needs.

    Thanks Dr. Lange.

  4. Review by: Theresa Shea

    Please do not even stop making this product! Choc or Vanilla, I need this in my life! I am 63 and as I was getting older and going through the change I noticed many issues, Dry Eyes! ugh, heart palpitations, tired, no energy , muscle aches and pains, thinning hair, Low Blood Sugar, dull skin, etc, I asked my doctors no one had the answer.So, I got on line and googled and found Dr. Lange, I called my niece who lives in Florida I said ever heard of this doctor she said yes, down here he is well known as the best there is. So, I bought the Choc and Vanilla drink, the sales women in the office are full of knowledge and very nice, no now I just do the order on line and it comes to my house really fast in Massachusetts. What can I say I love this Drink! At my age I have already seen it or heard it all and none of it stands up to what it says, this drink is the real deal. I am not up to two drinks a day with this shake. one in the day and one at night before bed, no more snacks just this drink and I wake up, refreshed, with energy, no heat heart palpitations at night, I don’t get that low blood sugar issue so no feeling like I want to fall over, in stead I am able to exercise now and no muscle pains and my hair is nice and full and my dry eyes are doing much much better I have been able to cut down on my eye drops but more important for me, I can count on this drink that I can have it and go about my life without feeling like I would pass out from sugar dropping, its saves me everyday! I can drink this drink and during the day not have to eat again for at least 4 hrs or more and at night I drink it and go to bed at 10pm and not have to eat again till 10am and my blood sugar is stable, its amazing and not high in calories either. I also travel to store and I add some A2 milk into mine so it does taste really good. Thanks to the staff and the Doctor for making this its truly a meal, snack, nutrition, and a healer all in one and a life saver for me! Thanks so much

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