Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey Isolate

Now available: 60 servings for $59.99!
This is best deal on an American, grass fed, non denatured whey Isolate on the market!

16oz - 20 Servings - $36.00

60 Servings (bag not canister) $59.99
6 Containers- $175 - Case Special

Also available in Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Fudge, and Naked!
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 Fortifeye Vitamins researches and develops new Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate.

Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey Isolate is a non denatured whey protein isolate  under the Fortifeye Performance Nutrition label . It is one of the only unflavored, unbleached, undenatured, grass fed, American Cow, micro filtered, cold pasteurized whey protein isolates available. The process of purification, concentration and pasteurization keeps the delicate proteins and amino acids in tact and very bioavailable. The milk has gone thru a cold pasteurization process using 72 degrees Celsius for only 15 seconds this keeps the protein bioavailability and immune boosting properties at the highest level possible. Ultra and micro filtration is used to eliminate fat, cholesterol, casein and lactose without denaturing the protein. Most protein isolates you buy today are from cows fed growth hormone, GMO grain, antibiotics and then pasteurized under high heat for extended periods of time and then acid is used that further denature the protein. Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey Isolate uses the highest quality milk and the very latest most natural technology in the formulation process that preserves the bio availability of the proteins. This protein isolate mixes very easily and completely in a shaker cup and there is no need to use a blender.  Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey protein can be used alone or for maximum nutritional support for muscle synthesis should be added to Fortifeye Fit as The ultimate muscle fuel. This protein has zero carbohydrates and zero sugar so perfect for keto or low carb diets!

Want to know where Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey comes from?
We want our whey sourced from the best possible environment for the milk cows.
Read all about it here in Cows First (pdf)


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Article: Boosting Your Immune System Naturally by Dr Michael Lange

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