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Fortifeye FOCUS was developed for reviving, rejuvenating, refreshing and protecting your eyes. It is used to give the nutrients studies show may help reduce eye fatigue and strain from prolonged near-work and computer work.† Also specific ratios of carotenoids are used to protect the eye from the harmful blue light emitted from computer, tablets, smart phones, television, sun light and new forms of indoor lighting. This supplement is being recommended by doctors all over the world. The Fortifeye Focus formula is constantly evolving based on ongoing research and clinical use.  This formula has been updated five times over the last 10 years and The Fortifeye Team of doctors will constantly enhance the formulation as new research dictates. One of the fastest growing areas for this supplement is among gamers. Gamers sit in front of the computer sometimes for days with minimal breaks.  The carotenoids in Fortifeye Focus are a necessity for anyone involved in gaming.

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4 Reviews of “Fortifeye Focus

  1. Review by: Susan B

    What a wonderful supplement! My eye doctor recommended I take Focus to reduce eye fatigue I get while working all day on a computer. I am 42 years old and by the end of the day I could barely focus on anything with in three feeet of me. I have been on Fortifeye Focus for about two months and my vision is back to the way it was ten years ago. I do not have the eye strain or blurred vision at the end of the day. I have also noticed my skin is much healthier looking. Thanks for a great supplement!

  2. Review by: Veronica Smallwood

    all I can say is amazing!! I have heard that astaxanthin decreases wrinkles in the skin and now that I have tried it I am a believer. My skin is much healthier and yes I have less fine lines around my eyes. My job is on a computer 15 hrs a day and my eye strain has reduced by 75 % . I am 43 years old and now I can work much longer on computer without taking a break. My optometrist says I should need reading glasses at my age but since I have been taking Fortifeye Focus I can read the smallest print. I am a happy customer. I am a happy customer.

  3. Review by: Beverly Tolmas

    Fortifeye Focus is incredible! I have been using it to help my eye strain from all day computer use and it has definietley helped. I have to comment on the super dry eye kit I buy from Fortifeye, this includes the focus plus so much more. Thanks for offering such a good deal when I buy all at one time. This has really helped my dry eyes. I am so happy my doctor recommend this website. thanks Bev

  4. Review by: Thomas Lewis

    I will not stop taking Fortifeye Focus again! I have been taking Focus for about a year and I ran out and didn’t take it for two weeks and noticed my night vision was really bad and almost dangerous. It was hard for me to see the lined lanes, difficult to focus at night. It definitely works, I have been back on the Focus for ten days now and my night vision is back to seeing clearly at night. I wont stop again. I have not tried the new Focus formula yet but will order when I run out of what I have. Thanks for a great supplement.

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