Fortifeye Fit

Fortifeye Fit fruit punch

23.2 oz – 20 Servings
Available Flavors: Strawberry-Watermelon and Fruit Punch

Price: $45.00
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Fortifeye Fit a pre workout and post workout supplement

Dr. Michael Lange develops the newest addition to the Fortifeye Family. Fortifeye Fit is available as a pre and post recovery drink. Fortifeye Fit is the fist product in the Fortifeye Performance line of quality products to come.

Fortifeye Fit is a carefully thought out  workout supplement that was developed to be used as both a pre workout and post workout supplement. This powder was developed using all of the highest quality ingredients with no dyes, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or carrageenan. All of the latest sports nutrition science was taken into consideration in the development of this formula to enhance muscle synthesis, strength and endurance. All of the evidence based nutrients that are used in this formula and are backed by good clinical studies.  Dr Lange and the Fortifeye Vitamin team carefully picked each ingredient based on the vast amount of clinical studies each have .  This was a 2 year process in the development of Fortifeye Fit.  We recommend one scoop half hr prior to working out and one scoop right after working out. You can mix or shake it with water or any beverage of choice. For maximum benefits we also recommend adding one scoop of Fortifeye Super Protein or Fortifeye Performance Whey Isolate to the post workout drink. Learn more »

Ingredients: (D Ribose, Creatine, BCAAs, Betaine Anhydrous, L Glutamine, L Citraline, Collagen, Cluster Dextrin, Astaxanthin, Velositol) Learn more »


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