Fortifeye Fit

fortifeye-fit-fruitpunch bottle
23.2 oz – 20 Servings
Available Flavors: Strawberry-Watermelon and Fruit Punch

Price: $46.00

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Fortifeye Fit a pre workout and post workout supplement

The newest addition to the Fortifeye Family. Fortifeye Fit is available as a pre and post recovery drink. Fortifeye Fit is the fist product in the Fortifeye Performance line of quality products to come.

Fortifeye Fit is a carefully thought out doctor developed  new generation sports nutrition supplement that was developed to be used as both a pre workout and post workout supplement. This powder was developed using all of the highest quality ingredients with no dyes, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or carrageenan. All of the latest sports nutrition science was taken into consideration in the development of this formula to enhance muscle synthesis, strength and endurance.  The Ten evidence based nutrients that are used in this formula are the highest quality available and are backed by good clinical studies.  This supplement uses some of the most advanced nutrients to support mitochondrial health and enhance the production of clean energy called  ATP.  No stimulants or other nutrients that can cause rapid or irregular heart beat or the “jitters” is used in Fortifeye Fit.  The most advanced performance carbohydrate called Cluster Dextrin (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) is used to provide a sustained energy source before , during  and after exercise. This carbohydrate replenishes muscle glycogen very quickly and has very rapid gastric emptying so it is easy on the stomach.  Fortifeye Fit  was developed to give athletes a safe alternative to enhance their workouts and recover much faster through proper nutritional support.   Many world class professional and amateur athletes are now including  Fortifeye Fit and many of the other Fortifeye Performance Nutrition supplements in their training protocol.  Athletes of today are very educated and understand the importance of high quality evidence based all natural and clean supplements.  We recommend one scoop half hr prior to working out and one scoop right after working out. You can mix or shake it with water or any beverage of choice. For maximum benefits we also recommend adding one scoop of Fortifeye Super Protein or Fortifeye Grass Fed  Whey Protein Isolate to the post workout drink.  Isn’t it time you join the Fit Revolution ?   Learn more »

Ingredients: (D Ribose, Creatine, BCAAs, Betaine Anhydrous, L Glutamine, L Citraline, Collagen, Cluster Dextrin, Astaxanthin, Velositol) Learn more »


velositol_2020-04-03 Nutrition 21 Ingredient Portfolio

Velositol is one of the 10 ingredients in Fit.
New Study: Velositol® is the Best Kept Secret for Boosting Protein’s Power

Latest Studies supporting ingredients in Fit:

AstaReal Astaxanthin


Collagen Protein:

Betaine Anhydrous



Branch Chain Amino Acids


Cluster Dextrin


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