Fortifeye Complete (60 Tablets) Now available in bottles only

Price: $36.00

“For our customers who have taken the Fortifeye Complete Plus in the boxes…this is the Same vitamin as the Complete Plus in the boxes however, due to faulty packets we now only offer the Fortifeye Complete in bottles with (60 Tablets) and the Fortifeye super omega-3 is sold separately in a bottle with (60 Softgels). Questions: please contact Fortifeye customer service 866-503-9746

Fortifeye’s goal with Fortifeye Complete: To develop a science based all in one supplement. Patients would not have to have numerous bottles and boxes scattered about and be concerned about sterility, cost and compliance. Fortifeye Complete is a cost effective Nutraceutical bringing the very latest in nutrition for total body wellness and vision support. Thousands of patients throughout the world are taking the Fortifeye Vitamins with great results.

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