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  • Recommended for the relief of moderate to severe dry eye symptoms
  • For day or night time use
  • Contains 30 sterile disposable containers per box
  • Preservative-free

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OT6200productimage_TNOasis TEARS™ are glycerin based lubricant eye drops that coat, lubricate and moisten delicate ocular tissue for long lasting relief of dry eye symptoms. Not all eye drops are the same. Oasis TEARS™ is a new type of eye drop with a unique, viscoadaptive formula, optimized to provide longer lasting comfort.



  • Provides instant relief of dry eye symptoms
  • Provides prolonged comfort with fewer applications required
  • Provides moistening and lubrication of the cornea and other surfaces of the eye
  • Natural – contain no toxic biopolymers
  • Preservative-free – eliminates the source of toxic irritation
  • Portable and handy disposable containers

Oasis TEARS PLUS™ Lubricant Eye Drops are recommended for moderate to severe symptoms; for day or night time use.

Contains 30 sterile, disposable containers per box

Blink-activated Oasis TEARS™ PLUS give your dry eyes prolonged soothing comfort.

Oasis TEARS™ contain glycerin, a natural compound, to moisturize and protect the ocular surface with no harmful preservatives. Supplied in convenient “take with you” disposable containers. Two treatment options provide long-lasting relief for mild to severe symptoms.

Oasis Tears Plus or Blink Tears are one of the 12 steps to natural dry eye relief that is being used in large eye care centers in Florida. If you suffer with dry eye symptoms and are looking for a natural dry eye treatment approach go to: http://dryeyenutrition.org/2013/04/18/12-step-dry-eye-protocol-outlined-by-michael-lange-optometrist-and-nutrition-specialist/

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