Our Company

Fortifeye is a company based on one goal:

To promote better ocular and general health through a combination of the right ingredients based on the right science.


Macular PillFortify Vitamins Inc. is the parent company of Fortifeye Nutraceuticals. Fortify Vitamins corporate headquarters is based out of Ocala, Florida and has had 10 research centers scattered throughout Florida. Fortify Vitamins goal is to continuously research and develop the latest evidence-based nutriceuticals  to aid in total body and ocular health. These supplements must be science based and not be promoted by industry hype. Fortifeye wants to help patients become proactive in their health thru proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. Fortifeye believes in patient and doctor education. Fortifeye is trying to help create a new standard of care for eye care practitioners throughout the world using proper nutrition. Fortifeye is involved in educating the public and doctors in a variety of ways: Live one hour talk shows aired throughout the world via the internet and daily on the radio, national and international conferences, educational seminars for doctors and public, internet forums, u tube and social media, imagesCAQ3H6GA local and national society meetings, Direct to the patients via their Doctors, advertising and word of mouth. Currently Fortifeye is using their supplements in direct clinical supervision using the latest in eye care technology ( Annidis RHA, Spectral Domain OCT, Digital Fundus Photogrophy, Pattern Electro Retinograms, Visual Evoked Potential,  Auto Flourescence,  Notal Vision Foresee PHP, Heidelberg Retinal Tomography,) to monitor and track progression of patients taking these supplements. Fortifeye has compiled a variety of positive data on patients utilizing Fortifeye’s products. These advanced diagnostic procedures combined with the very latest in genetic testing and blood testing allows Fortifeye to continuously update their formulas based on these findings. Fortifeye has had enormous positive feedback from patients and doctors from all over the world. In the research centers, Fortifeye has had a tremendous amount of positive feed back  in vision as well as overall health. The Doctors that work with Fortifeye are amazed and excited about the positive effect that are seen clinically in their patients. It is quite common to see nutritional deficiencies at a cellular level resolve, antioxidant level increase significantly, visual health and functioning gain valuable support while patients are taking the Fortifeye Nutraceuticals. This is the type of positive feed back that is spreading throughout the world and fueling the expansion of Fortifeye.

We have a group of doctors from multiple health disciplines on our advisory board including: Optometry, Ophthamology (Cornea, Retina, Occuloplastics, Glaucoma, Lasik), Cardiology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, Biochemistry and MD-Family Medicine. Many of our advisors are involved in clinical research using the Fortifeye vitamins in large multidisciplinary eye care centers. Fortifeye does clinical research using the latest in intracellular blood tests to aid in the development of the Fortifeye formulas. This research not only sets us apart but is helping the Fortifeye team enhance each formula and maximize cellular absorption. We will continue to strive to bring the latest in nutritional support to the world!

All Fortifeye™ products are produced in a GMP, FDA and  NNFA  approved facility that supplies products to the domestic nutraceutical industry. On a global basis Fortifeye is manufactured in an approved TGA facility, the leading regulatory authority for nutraceuticals world wide.