Quality Fish Oil and Vitamins Aid Doctor’s Healing Touch

Fortifeye products were mentioned by Dr. Brian Hammes on ifoundmydoctor.com.

Patients consistently benefit from Fortifeye Super Omega and Fortifeye Complete Plus Vitamin Supplements

For 25 years, Dr. Brian Hammes, an OD, has been treating his patients’ eye conditions with concern for each person’s overall heath. Always looking for new and better solutions to his patients’ health care needs, he was intrigued by a conversation at an academy meeting with Michael Lange, OD, CNS, a board-certified optometrist and certified nutritional specialist, about his pure fish oil and food-based vitamin supplements.

“We’ve had a passion for working with wellness for years and that commitment has paid off. Since recommending Dr. Lange’s products, many of our patients are experiencing remarkable results with Fortifeye Super Omega and Fortifeye Complete Plus Vitamin Supplements.”

Researched and developed by Dr. Lange, Fortifeye has combined the power of a very potent and pure Omega-3 fish oil with a carefully developed antioxidant combination.

Remarkable patient response

“I have a patient who was taking large amounts of over-the-counter fish oil at my recommendation for her dry eye. It just so happened I saw her for a follow-up visit that took place shortly after returning from the conference where I learned about Dr. Lange’s Fortifeye Super Omega.

“She reported that she wasn’t seeing any improvement in her dry eye condition, so I explained to her the importance of taking the triglyceride form of fish oil and recommended she try Dr. Lange’s product.

“When she returned a month later, she said that not only were her eyes feeling better, but also the painful arthritis in her shoulders had improved. That was my first wow moment about patient response to Fortifeye Super Omega and Fortifeye Complete Plus Vitamin Supplements.

“I had a second patient about four months ago who also had excellent results with Dr. Lange’s products. She also suffered from dry eye and had been taking a prescription form of fish oil without results. After telling her about the Fortifeye Super Omega, she agreed to try it. About a month later, she came back in and was very pleased with the results, saying, I can’t believe the difference in the comfort of my eyes.

“After taking the Fortifeye Super Omega, she also reported that her family physician was amazed at the results of a recent blood test. Her cholesterol profile was better; in fact, her entire blood profile had improved.”

Nutrition key component

“An eye exam may save your life,” says Dr. Lange. “We can tell a lot about a person’s health in an eye exam and the key is early detection.” Dr. Lange is one of four optometric physicians in the country certified by the American College of Nutrition.

Dr. Lange states, “You can never underestimate the power of proper nutrition. I have seen many miraculous recoveries in ocular health as well as general health in patients that will follow the appropriate diet, take the correct regimen of supplements, and adhere to specific lifestyle modifications.”

“After fourteen years of recommending another brand of supplements to our patients,” says Dr. Hammes, “we’re satisfied that we’re offering patients the best of the best with Dr. Lange’s supplements. He’s on the leading edge of quality fish oil and vitamin supplements.”