New New Technology and Proper Nutrition becomes Gold Standard for Macular Degeneration.


Dr Michael Lange has been involved in nutritonal research for Macular Degeneration for many years and has been developing a system of proper nutrition based on age, weight, disease level and DNA.  The ultimate goal is to help the ocular health and total health of his patients.  Proper nutrition is only one piece of the puzzle that is extremely important in managing macular degeneration patients.  Dr Lange and many other Doctors are now utilizing DNA testing to help them gauge the potential severity of the macular degeneration and to determine if zinc is good or bad for the ARMD patient.  This helps the optometrist or ophthalmologist cutomize the patients diet and supplements. The DNA testing also helps the doctor in determining how often a particular patient should be seen and what special tests may benefit the patient.   Blue filtering lenses are becoming main stream for the macular degeneration patient.  More and more evidence is building that the blue light from both natural and artificial lighting may be detrimental to the retina.  Many companies now have blue filtering lenses avaialble. However,   even if you have the best diet , take great  supplements and wear blue filtering lenses u may still have progressive degeneration of the macular. The key is early detection. If  the earliest change from dry armd to wet armd is detected then new treatments can be initiated immediately that may be vision saving. Exciting new generation  home daily monitoring systems  are now avaialble that enable the patients to be monitored on a daily basis making much earlier intervention a reallity.   Learn more about everything mentioned in this article here :