Fortifeye FIT coming soon.






Give your body the fuel it thirsts for!  Dr Michael Lange has been involved in research and development of a new supplement called Fortifeye Fit for many years.  This new powdered supplement will take the very latest in evidence based science in sports nutrition  and combine it into one supplement.   Fortifeye FIT will be used as a pre, intra and post workout supplement.  This supplement is being developed to  maximize your  training  by enhancing muscle synthesis, endurance and strength.  This will be all natural with no artificial dyes, sweeteners, flavoring agents  or  caragenaneen . Fortifeye Fit will be a combination of 10 evidence based nutrients that when combined will give the athlete in the gym or on the court that needed edge. This new generation supplement will enable the user to maximize the benefits of hard training. People will see much faster gains in strength , muscle size and endurance  when Fortifeye Fit is combined with training .  This supplement will give the nutrients necessary for  explosive energy and prolonged energy while reducing recoverytime and enhancing muscle synthesis.    Look for availability around  end of September 2019. This new supplement will go under the Fortifeye Perfomance  Nutrition brand.  Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey Isolate Protein is also under development now to be used in conjunction with Fortifeye fit As a Post workout supplement stack.  Fortifeye Whey Protein  Isolate will be a unique whey protein isolate that has much higher levels of the critical branch chain amino acid s for muscle building . This new generation Grass Fed Whey Protein will be a non denatured grass fed  micro filtered whey isolate. A unique patented cold filtration process is utilized to purify and concentrate the grass fed milk without using harsh chemicals or high heat.  This keeps the delicate proteins and amino acids intact and much more bio available.  This new Protein will work in synergy with the new Fortifeye Fit in aiding  muscle synthesis, strength , recovery and endurance.  This will be available by September  2019.  Now Fortifeye will have 2 Protein options ; Fortifeye Super Protein and Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey Isolate. These combinations will be the ultimate in muscle fuel .

Dr Lange and Zoom Essence worked hard on the flavors of Fortifeye Fit .  This was a very difficult task to make this supplement have a good flavor using all natural ingredients.  As of late August,  3 flavors Fortifeye are considering for the Fortifeye Fit are Fruit punch , strawberry watermelon and berry flavor.