Dr. Michael Lange Says Proper Nutrition Can Prevent Dry Eye

Dr. Michael Lange Says Proper Nutrition Can Prevent Dry Eye

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Dr. Michael Lange says that dry eye ranks among the most common complaints of patientsimages coming in for optometry appointments.  This condition is due to an insufficient amount of tears in the eyes, which are necessary for eye health for many reasons.  They provide lubrication and nourishment which maintain the health of the front surface of the eye and also provide clear vision.  Dry eye drains the eye of these important components, and often lessens the quality of the tears that are left.

The Effects Of Dry Eye

imagesCABN5HGFThe symptoms of dry eye are frustrating and often debilitating for patients.  Gritty, scratchy, irritated, and even burning eyes are the most common symptoms, and if the condition has advanced, vision may even be impaired by damage to the front surface of the eye.  Many patients complain that it feels like there is something caught in their eye that they cannot remove, and even excess watering can be a sign of dry eye.

Dry eye is most often present in people over the age of 65, and in women more often than in men, usually due to hormonal changes.  Medications such as those used for blood pressure issues or antidepressants can be the cause of dry eye.  Even certain medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes can contribute to the development and discomfort of dry eye.  However, according to Dr. Lange, there are ways to prevent this painful condition.

How To Prevent Dry Eye :                                                      

Avoiding dehydration is an important step for preventing dry eye.  Each person should drink around 8 to 10 glasses of water every day in order to maintain healthy hydration, and help prevent getting dry eyes.  Patients with dry eye should be sure to blink regularly.  Each blink coats the eye with tears, which are an important mixture of water and oils.  This is especially important while sitting at the computer or watching television for long periods of time.

Many environmental issues such as the weather can cause dry eye.  So, other ways to prevent dry eye include increasing humidity levels in the home or office, wearing protective eyewear like full-coverage sunglasses, and using nutritional supplements and vitamins.  For many patients, a healthy change in their diet is the answer to the burning and irritation that result when suffering from dry eye.

How To Treat Dry Eye:

There are a number of ways that dry eye is treated by optometrists and ophthalmologists, and according to Dr. Lange, some are better than others.  For milder cases, dry eyes are often treated with the addition of artificial tears.  Artificial tears can be used as needed to supplement tear production.  However, if the eyes do not respond, other measures must be taken so that the dry eye condition does not worsen.

Conserving tears is a surgical procedure which keeps available tears in the eyes for a longer time, which can help reduce future problems.  There are also eye drops which can increase the production of tears and other prescriptions which treat inflammation on the surface of the eyes.  These prescriptions can include drops or ointments for the eyes, warm compresses, lid massage, and even eyelid cleaners.

Dr. Michael Lange Discusses Using Vitamins For Dry Eye

For Dr. Lange, the best way to treat dry eye has to do with nutrition.  Correcting certain lifestyle and dietary habits can have a significant effect for people with the dry eye condition.  According to this optometrist and nutrition specialist, many people today are not eating even half of the amount of fruits and vegetables that are recommended for daily consumption.  This puts them at a higher risk for developing a variety of diseases and illnesses, especially having to do with dry eye.

Vitamins, like Dr. Lange’s line of Fortifeye products, are the best way to increase the health of the entire body while focusing on wellness and support for the eye.  These unique formulas have been reformulated for almost a decade in order to produce the perfect healing blend of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, whole foods, omega three oils, and enzymes.  Vitamins that are aimed at total body health as well as optical health provide a convenient all in one supplement.

These important vitamin supplements should be combined with lifestyle and dietary modifications to improve the health of both the eyes and body.  In a short amount of time, improvements in energy and vision, among other things, will be noticeable.  According to Dr. Michael Lange, these supplements aid in the defense of free radical damage and are a way for patients to be proactive about their total body and optical health.

ABOUT: Dr. Michael Lange is a leader in the eye health vitamin industry.  His patients benefit from his many years of experience in optometry and ophthalmology, combined with his expertise as a certified nutrition specialist.  His concern is the overall eye health of each and every one of his patients, which has resulted in the development of the best and most unique eye care supplements available.  Dr. Michael Lange is the founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates and Fortifeye Vitamins. 

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