Dr. Michael Lange & Dr. Karen Hecht Discuss the health benefits of astaxanthin & Fortifeye Focus

Dr Michael Lange and Dr Karen Hecht discuss the amazing health benefits of astaxanthin and Fortifeye Focus. Fortifeye Focus is the only supplement in this industry with both lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin. This supplement is great for all parts of the eye and also great for the skin and muscles. Dr Lange and Dr Hecht expand on the numerous benefits of Fortifeye Focus and astaxanthin such as improved circulation to the eye and reduced accommodative stress from prolonged computer use. Toward the end of the show both doctors discuss the skin benefits of astaxanthin and expand on the amazing muscle endurance and recovery aspects of astaxanthin. Dr Lange talks a little about how many of his elite athletes are taking 2 fortifeye focus daily and noticing improved endurance and less recovery time after and during athletic events.