Dr Michael Lange discusses Proper Digestion for good ocular & overall health

Dr Michael Lange discusses Proper Digestion for good ocular health and overall health

Proper digestion is crucial for good ocular health as well as overall health discussed by Dr Michael Lange

When the food you consume on a daily basis is not digested well then the absorption of the nutrients is limited.  As we age our digestion can stop working at its peak level and then our overall health can suffer.  Many things can interfere with the natural digestive enzymes and natural bacteria in our digestive system and this can result in all sorts of conditions. Diet is often times the culprit for digestive issues. Todays diets are caloric dense and nutrient deficient. These foods are overly  processed, genetically modified , filled with pesticide, antibiotics, hormones, nitrites , nitrates, sugar, dyes, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. All of this can cause enormous stress on the digestive system.  Millions of people are plagued daily with food allergies, constipation, diarrhea, gas, acid reflux, heart burn, bloating, cramping and low energy .  All of these can be related to poor digestion.

Two simple ways to improve digestion is by adding a good probiotic in the am and right before new probiotic by Fortifeyebed and taking enzymes with all cooked meals.  These two additions to your supplement regiment may reduce many if not all of your digestive issues, improve energy levels and enhance your immune system. Dr Michael Lange has been helping patients improve digestion to enhance their ocular health as well as overall health.  I have seen many chronic dry eye patients respond extremely well once they get their digestion working better states Dr Lange.   Almost every aspect of a person’s health will improve if they get their digestive system in better condition.

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Dr Lange recommends his patients follow an all organic, gluten-free paleo diet.  He also recommends they take Fortifeye Probiotic Bacteria first thing in the morning and right before bed to replenish the good bacteria to the digestive system.  He  recommends a good enzyme like Fortifeye Digestive Enzymes with each cooked meal. If you eat a raw salad then enzymes are not necessary.  Fortifeye has developed evidence based supplements with therapeutic levels of probiotics and enzymes at affordable prices.

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