Arlene Clark Manager of Fortifeye Nutrition Center Clearwater.

Arlene is the girl on the other end of the phone, taking orders and making sure your customer experience is what it’s supposed to be. Arlene was hired in November of 2010, and is a walking testimonial that Fortifeye works.

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From a girl who was ill to now being an energetic, happy person that gives her customers her all, Arlene shows everyone the transformation that can happen with the right nutrition.

Arlene’s journey to Fortifeye

Arlene knows from personal experience because she could not take many of the vitamins she had tried. It’s one of the reasons she become employed by Fortifeye Vitamins. Arlene is one of Fortifeye’s biggest advocates because she saw how well it actually worked for. She tried many things and she could not take, literally, any vitamin out there.

On Ask the Dr. Live Arlene said; “No, no, Fortifeye changed my life. Actually on my list of things I could not have, vitamins was number one on that list. Because they’re full of fillers, dyes, things cause me extreme pain—I have interstitial cystitis, a bladder condition & lupus. I can’t take anything unless it’s pure. My mother actually paid me to take the Omega 3 fish oil. She had to pay me,” she laughs. “Because I was scared they would cause problems. And literally, the third day I had relief, pain-wise. And then, from there on, it’s changed my mental clarity and health—the way I act and think—chronic pain can, of course, just destroy the central nervous system. So, with the FOCUS and the vitamin, I started that, and found out that I could take it with no problems, no pain, it’s actually helped me with all my problems. I grew all my hair back, and scars off my face, and I can go in the sun now, and not get sunburned. I wasn’t allowed to go in the sun before. And I do not get sunburned at all since I’ve started the FOCUS with the astaxanthin.”

“So, it’s really changed my life a lot. I feel like I can live now and that’s why I’m here. I want everyone to know there is hope & most of all I want everyone to know it is all about proper safe nutrition which is extremely hard to find.”

A walking billboard

Arlene has been described as a walking billboard and testimonial for Fortifeye Vitamins. Dr. Lange says the company is blessed to have Arlene on board. “Who better to be in than somebody who uses the products and believes in it one hundred percent?” he says.

Fortifeye Nutrition Center 1530 N. McMullen Booth Road D10 Clearwater, FL. 33759 Toll Free: 866-503-9746