Anti Aging tips by Dr Michael Lange

Anti Aging Tips by Dr Michael Lange  10/14/16

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Dr Michael Lange says to eat lots of colorful organically grown fruits and vegetables

Dr Michael Lange says to eat lots of colorful organically grown fruits and vegetables

1. Proper Diet is crucial! I recommend a modified organic gluten free paleo diet. The  largest portion of your meal should be vegetables , then fruit and then a good organically raised source of protein like eggs,  chicken, turkey, wild cold water fish , grass fed bison or beef.  Stay away form all processed, canned, frozen foods. Drink plenty of spring water and stay away from distilled or reverse osmosis water.  I dont like these type of purified waters because the minearls are leached out and they are very acidic. However if u have an RO system you can make the water healthy water by filling up a glass container with the RO water and then putting a half teaspoon of pink sea salt and chop up a few fruits and vegies into the water and let it sit at room temparature. This process will alkalize the reverse osmosis or distilled water and refurbish the minerals.  You can eat organic brown rice or some gluten free pasta a few times a week with this diet. Use extra virgin coconut oil and virgin olive oil for cooking. Drink a few glasses of organic green tea a day and stay away from sugar free or decaffeinated drinks.  Drinking organic A2 cows milk , Goat milk, coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk, rice milk is all ok a few times a week. I also think men over the age of forty should drink some organic peomegranate juice every day for prostate health. To aid in diegstion using manuka honey as a sweetner  is a great idea and I  recommend eating some fermented food like sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, apple cider vinegar and  organic miso soup  three to four times a week.  Snacking on seeds and nuts and goji berries is also a great way to get some extra protein and antioxidants.  Try to eat five small meals a day and dont eat anything 3 hrs before bed.

2Exercise is also a very important part of anti aging.  We should all try to get a minimum of 20imagesCAUZXOKQ minutes of aerobic cardiovascular exercise five days a week.  As long as your physician says its ok. Try to get our heart rate over 100 bpm for this amount of time.  It is even better if you can do this activity out doors in the sunshine.   I also recommend another  20-30 minutes of resistance training five days a week. This can be callisthenics or weight lifting.  Exercise releases stress, improves circulation and releases natural body beta endorphins.  Try not to exercise three hrs before bed because it can interfere with your sleep.

3.  Sleep is one of the most important steps in anti aging.  Many people give up sleep for play and work.  An adequate amount of sleep is as important as adequate amount of exercise.  I recommend between 7-9 hrs of sleep for everyone.  Chronic sleep deprivation interferes with imagesCAKPAC9Rmetabolism and can cause cortisol levels to rise. This creates  weight gain and a whole host of other diseases.  Heart Disease, diabetes, obesity and  poor brain functioning are all linked to sleep deprivation.  If you have trouble sleeping  try turning off the tv and reading a book (paper back not kindell) an hr before bed.  Make the room as dark as possible and unplug any electronic devices in the room, put black electrical tape over any led lights on alrams or fire detectors. Crank the air conditioning down to around 70 degrees.  Do not watch tv or use any electronic devices one to two hrs before bed if possible. The tv, computer and other electronic devices will actually tell the pineal gland to stop secreting melatonin and it will interfere with your sleep. if you must work on computer or wartch tv before bed then purchase either blue light defense or blue light shield lenses.  Both of these lenses  filter the blue light from your eye and there fore your pineal gland will not shut down the production of melatonin.  I recommend these lenses for all of my patients to have on their computer glases and often times on their every day pr of glasses as well.  A hot bath with a pound of sea salt  or epson salt while reading a book will aslo help you relax and  promote a good night sleep. Laslty drinking organic tart cherry juice and eating a handful of pumpkin seeds 2 hours before bed may also help stimulate natural melatonin production and sleep.

4.  Supplements definitely have a role in anti aging. Most of us are not going to eat the 9-10 servings of organically grown fruits and vegetables a day so taking  supplements will help to combat against free radical damage in our bodies.  I recommend taking a good multivitamin. The problem is most multivitamins you can buy over the counter are filled with synthetic dyes, synthetic nutrients , trans fats and only have very small amounts of the beneficial nutrients.  I developed a Multivitamin calledSAMSUNG Fortifeye Complete Once Daily that has no dyes and only all natural levels of true evidence based nutrients to help fight against  free radical damage in the body and your eyes. I also recommend everyone at any age young and old taking a good Omega 3 fish oil supplement. Most of us are omega 3 deficient and this is one of the root causes of so much inflammation in the typical American body.  Most Americans are eating a diet high in saturated fats and omega 6 fatty acids that  are creating many health issues. SAMSUNGI recommend adding about 1600 mg of Triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil to everyones diet that weighs over 170l bs and about half that much if you weigh less.  You must read the labels and make sure it says triglyceride form on the omega 3 fish oil label. If it doesnt say it than it is an inferior less bio-available form called ethyl ester omega 3 fish oil.  I have developed  one of the most potent and purest triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil that is now being used by 1000s of doctors and people  all over the world called Fortifeye Super Omega.  I developed this so my patients  would have a cost effective evidence based omega 3 supplement available to them that delivers a therapeutic dosage in only 1-2 gel caps.  Many studies have proven that omega 3 has tremendous health  benefits. Recently studies have shown that omega 3 can actually slow down the rate at which the end cap of a chromosome called a telemere shrinks.  Omega 3 fatty acids may actually slow down chromasomal aging.  I recommend taking one dosage right before bed or better yet if you wake up in the middle of the night to go to bathroom take your fish oil then.  The omega three produces resolvoins and protectins  at a maximum level at four hrs after ingesting and this ideally will be at the highest levels first thing in the am when u wake up, this is the  time that people are more prone to strokes and heart attacks. So in theory if the omega 3 is at its highest concentration in your blood when u wake up it may decrease the chances of a heart attack or stroke. Another relatively new anti aging nutrient is called astaxanthin. SAMSUNGThis is a carotenoid that gives the redish color to wild alaskan salmon. Astaxanthin has both potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects that makes it a perfect nutrient for any anti aging recipe. I developed a supplement called Fortifeye Focus that has 6 mg of astaxanthin along with two other beneficial caroteniods called lutein and zeaxanthin that are great for the eyes and the skin. This supplement may help improve the focusing ability in the eyes and patients also notice improved skin health and less wrinkles in the face. astaxanthin also decreases muscle recovery and improves muscle endurance.   As we age the master antioxidant in the body called Glutathione starts to decrease and it can be very difficult to get rid of a glutathione deficiency. I have found that using  a scoop of non denatured whey protein concentrate from grass fed New Zealand cows or from goats once daily in a smoothie is a great way to stimulate glutathione production.   I recommend mixing some organic berries , pineapples or a banana with a scoop of undenatured whey protein concentrate to boost  glutathione an get a great source of protein and antioxidants.  I have developed a non denatured whey protein concentrate from New Zealand grass fed A2 cows called Fortifeye Super Protein that is being recommended by nutritional experts and doctors all over the world.   Everyone at any age should have their blood tested for Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is a very common deficiency that can lead to many health issues if not corrected.Enzyme lady I do recommend a half hr of sun four days a week without any sunscreen for fair complected peoeple and  maybe 45 minutes of sun four days a week for darkly pigmented people. The sun is a great source of vitamin d. Do not stay out long enough to get burned. After  being exposed to the sun do not wash your body with soap for at least six to eight hrs. The soap will wash away the oils on the skin that are allowing the vitamin D to absorb.  Many people that can not get sun exposure or live  up north during the winter months will need to supplement with  Vitamin D 3 anywhere from 1000 ius – 5000 ius daily depending on  how deficient your Vitamin D test is.  I recommend seeing your physician for this blood test and then  following the doctors recommendation on Vitamin D supplementation.  Many women and men may need to take a calcium supplement depending on  what their bone density scan shows. People must be very careful buying  large amounts of over the counter calcium supplements . Too much calcium may actually cause calcification of the blood vessel linings and increase ones risk of a stroke, heart attack or an ocular occlusive event and macular degeneration.  New studes are suggesting  taking a form of calcium called hydroxyapatite combined with either Ipriflavone or strontium along with Vitamin D3, magnesium, vitmain k, phosphorous and boron to maximize the absorption of the calcium into the bone and minimize the potential  complications. I like a product made by Douglas labs called Osteo -Guard Plus Ipriflavone. I also recommend after the age of 50 taking a good enzyme with all cooked meals and a probiotic right before bed on an empty stomach.  Fortifeye Vitamins has a new generation enzyme and probiotic now on the Fortifeye Enzymes Bottle Only - smallmarket that I recommend ( Fortifeye Digestive Enzymes and Fortifeye Probiotics Bacteria) .  Finally I recommend  anyone that follows my protocol to have a spectracell blood test done four to five months afterFortifeye Probiotic Bacteria starting this anti aging regiment. This is a blood test that will look for any nutrtitional deficiencies at a cellular level and also look at many othe important blood chemistries. For those of you that will not eat a lot of organic fruits and vegetables I now have a product called Fortifeye Blue Green Superfood that will give you the daily servings of orgnic fruits and vegetables.  There are many other good supplements  that one can take but I wanted to cover the basics in this introduction to anti aging.   If you have the desire and the dicipline to follow the steps I have outlined you will begin to feel better and look better!   Think positive thoughts,  smile and be happy ! Welcome to the ANTI-AGING ZONE!

Dr Michael Lange  (Optometric Physician and Dr. Michael Lange in front of Lange Eye Institute in The Villages FloridaCertified Nutrition Specialist)