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Paleo Simplified Oat Free Praline Granola

Price: $7.80
If you ever tried a New Orleans style praline you were addicted from the start.  Paleo Simplified’s New Praline Crunch brings the “taste of New Orleans “to a delicious gluten-free oat free granola. Praline crunch combines the nutritious and delicious flavors from pecans, sunflower seeds, almonds, coconuts ,chick peas, flaxseed, bourbon vanilla , maple syrup and sea salt into a tasty delight.  Be healthy? Eat healthy! What you eat matters!  
If you are looking for a Paleo Granola with a different delicious taste now is the time to try Paleo Simplified Praline Crunch. 
Praline crunch uses only the highest quality ingredients and never compromises. Always all natural and nothing artificial.





Paleo Simplified Protein

$20 (Marked down from $40-Overstock sale)

6 containers - $115 Case Special

Paleo Simplified “Naked” Super Protein is Non Denatured, unbleached whey protein from Grass fed New Zealand cows.   This simply means it is pure protein and nothing else.  There is no stevia, no flavoring, no guar gum and no lecithin just pure protein.  This is great to add to pancakes , waffles or smoothies to gain more super high quality protein.  This is perfect for the Purists that want the most natural plain protein available.

Here are articles that discuss the benefits of Astaxanthin.  This powerful natural anti-inflammatory is found in our Fortifeye Focus.  Taking together with our Paleo Simplified Super Protein is a great pre/post recovery combination.

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Muscle Health Endurance and Recovery Sellsheet FINAL with disclaimer 8-3018


Paleo Simplified Super Crunch

You will love this most delicious Paleo Crunch (trail mix). Honey Nut Fruit Crunch is made with only the purest of ingredients like toasted almonds, coconut, banana chips, cranberries, pumpkin seeds and more wholesome seeds and nuts. With a touch of honey and spices this is a fantastic Paleo Snack on top of a salad, grass fed yogurt, sweet potato and more.

Price: $5.00

1 case of 12 bags/$36

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