Blue Light Defense/Frame Combos

Blue light from the sun is good but blue light at night from artificial sources is bad!

Blue Light Defense is one of the biggest technological advancements in lens technology to come about this century. Science has now proven that the High intensity visible light or the blue light is some of the most harmful to our eyes and entire body.   This is specifically the wave lengths between 400-450 nm.  This light is emitted from televisions, tablets , computers, lap tops,  Smart phones, LED and Fluorescent lighting just to mention a few.  The frequency of light  in the blue-violet range has been implicated in macular degeneration.



Studies now indicate this  blue light may actually supress melatonin production and lead to sleep disorders and other potential health problems.  here is a link to a recent Harvard publication discussing this

It is crucial to block this man made blue light with specific filters in the lenses that are worn in imagesCABN5HGFspectacles, However until recently all blue filtering lenses had to have a yellow color or a purple hue to them.  Lange Eye Care was the first in the country to utilize a new technology that filters the blue light using a clear high index lens. This lens is called Blue Light Defense and can be made into single vision or progressive lenses. Dr Lange states this is the future of eye care, “Prevention”.   Lange Eye Care recommends everyone at any age to wear Blue Light Defense lenses.

Dr Lange states this is especially crucial for the children that are using lap tops, tablets, smart phones  and computers all day long.  Now a lens exists that will help to filter the potentially harmful blue-violet rays of light.    Why wouldn’t everyone want this lens??

Blue Light Defense is the way to go. Lange Eye Care  has joined with Fortifeye Vitamins in offering 12 different styles for adults and children, they do not have an RX this is a Plano blue light defense lens/ frame combo for $150. Perfect for contact lens wearers, children or people who do not wear glasses and is the hottest topic in ophthalmic industry right now. Many Dr Langeare coming out with their version which can be inexpensive However,  If u take a blue laser it will not go thru the Blue Light Defense lens but will go thru most others, it is very important to get the proper Blue Light filtering lens that work!


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