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Ask The Doctor” is a popular radio talk show on eye care and nutrition hosted by Dr. Michael Lange, a Board Certified Optometric Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Dr. Michael Lange has been hosting this show since 1993 on multiple networks throughout the world (radio , social media and video streaming). Dr Lange was on every day for over 20 years and now has cut back to Saturdays and Sundays to free up his time for seeing patients, research and spending time with family. His passion is in helping people maximize their health and well being through life style changes proper nutrition. Dr. Lange utilizes the latest in nutrition in his eye care centers and nutrition centers on a daily basis. He is also involved in many nutritional studies that aid in the development of proper nutraceutical therapy for the eyes and entire body. Dr. Lange promotes and educates eye care providers from around the world on proper nutrition and the benefit to their patients. Dr. Lange takes the time each evening to answer all emails from this Fortifeye website. What other vitamin company actually lets you talk directly to the doctor that is responsible for the development of their products? 

(This is for educational purposes only and never replaces a comprehensive eye examination or medical evaluation)

Watch Live Stream:   

You can watch and listen to Dr. Lange live through streaming video. You can also watch him on Google play, Amazon, Roku or Apple TV.  Listen to the Show Live below on every Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9:05 to 11 , he is also on at 7 am in Orlando on Saturday am and 11:05 on Sundays in Sarasoata :

Tune into the following Radio stations:   

  • 570 AM – WTBN Tampa – Saturday 10-11am
  • 910 AM – WTWD Tampa – Saturday 10-11am
  • 100.3 FM – Tampa-Saturday 10-11am
  • 102.1 FM – Tampa-Saturday 10-11am
  • 99.5 FM – KDIS – Little Rock Saturday 8-9am central time
  • 1440 AM WLWI News Radio – Montgomery, Alabama – Saturday 8am
  • 97.3 FM WSKY – Gainesville – Saturday 9am
  • 820 AM News Talk – Tampa Bay – Saturday 9am
  • 640 AM WGST-Atlanta – Saturday & Sunday 9am
  • 860 AM WGUL – Tampa – Saturday 9 am
  • 1040 AM WHBO- Tampa- Saturday 9 am
  • 1040 AM WHBO-Tampa-Monday 6 pm 
  • 93.7 FM – Tampa – Saturday 9 am
  • 930 AM WLSS – Sarasosta – Saturday 9 am & Sunday 11am
  • 98.3 FM, 1510 AM WLAC – Nashville Saturday 9:05 am
  • 103.1 FM, Florida Man Radio, Fort Walton / Destin, Saturday 9-10 am central time
  • 660 AM Florida Man Radio, Orlando, Saturday 7-8 am
  • 105.5 FM Florida Man Radio , Orlando, Saturday 7-8 am


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