Fortifeye Super Omega-3 Fish Oil

Fortifeye Super Omega-3 Fish Oil

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Newest most concentrated and purified Omega Three Fish Oil by Fortifeye®

  • High Potency/Triple Strength 860 EPA/580 DHA
  • Best value in the industry for triglyceride form omega-3

Natural Triglyceride Form • Molecularly Distilled for Maximum Purity Natural Orange/ Lemon Flavor • Pharmaceutical Grade         

Heart Health • Brain Health • Eye Health • Joint Health • Circulation • Good Blood Pressure • Healthy Cholesterol • Improved Triglycerides • Skin, Hair & Nail Health • Mental & Cognitive Health

Superior taste (chewable)
No unpleasant odor
Low totox (anisidine and peroxide)
Unsurpassed purity ( Triple Molecular distillation)
Independent third party batch testing, every batch is tested for over 250 environmental contaminants
Produced in Norway in the worlds only NSF, GMP certified Omega 3 production facility


Mountains of NorwayTake in conjunction with Fortifeye® Complete for more intensive nutritional therapy.

Meets or exceeds GMP quality standards, manufactured in a
pharmaceutically licensed facility. Tested to ensure it is free of
pollutants like heavy metals, organophosphate pesticides, PCBs,
Dioxins, Furans, Parathyroids and Toxaphenes.

Fortifeye Super Omega™ Omega-3 Fish Oil – Meaningful Points of Difference Summary List

  • The plant where Fortifeye Super Omega is produced in Norway is the only NSF GMP certified omega-3 production facility in the world.
    Tour the Norway fish oil factory »
  • In addition to NSF GMP certification, the plant is drug licensed by The Norwegian Health Authorities.
  • Every batch of Fortifeye Super Omega concentrate undergoes extensive detoxification, including triple molecular distillation.
  • Every batch of Fortifeye Super Omega is produced according to pharmaceutical protocols with full traceability, pharmaceutical quality assurance and quality control.
  • Every batch is 3rd-party tested for over 250 environmental contaminants, including: 6 heavy metals, 220 pesticides, 7 marker PCBs, 15 dioxins & furans and 12 dioxin-like PCBs.
  • The oil is produced in Norway by one of the most experienced teams in the world.
  • EcoFriendly: Fortifeye Super Omega is derived from select species of un-endangered sardines and anchovies.
  • Every batch of Fortifeye Super Omega must pass the testing of a professionally trained sensory panel, assuring superior taste.
  • Fortifeye Super Omega has undergone professional organoleptic testing, which demonstrates it to be the most taste and odor-neutral omega-3 fish oil on the market.
  •  After just 30 days on Fortifeye Super Omega, mean blood levels (omega index) of omega 3 have increased from 4.2% to 9.1% with some patients as high as 11%! The results are a true testament to the quality of Fortifeye Super Omega. The goal is to have an omega index over 8%.
  • Best price in the industry for a triglyceride form Omega 3 fish oil with an EPA of 860 and DHA 580.  Most triglyceride form omega 3 is priced much higher.
  • Recommended by doctors all over the world. Used in Dry Eye Centers all over the world
  • read how Fortifeye Super Omega is being used clinically to help dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction naturally


8 Reviews of “Fortifeye Super Omega-3 Fish Oil

  1. Review by: David Chestnut

    My doctor wanted me to take fish oil for my triglicerides and high blood pressure. I have tried many different types of fish oil over years and when I first tried some actually made me sick. This is truly the best I have tried.

  2. Review by: Ron Pierson

    I understand the health benefits of taking omega 3 fish oil, however every fish oil I have ever taken causes indigestion and repeat of the nasty tasting oil. I can take this without any issues at all!! I take it for my Laisk surgery induced dry eyes. After taking it for two months along with Fortifeye Focus and Blink Tears I can honestly say my dry eyes are finally not bothering me. Thanks to me finding this site on the internet I finally have gotten relief after three years of painful dry eyes with no results from my eye docs.

  3. Review by: Barbara Morris

    My optometrist recommended this fish oil and I was skeptical because all fish oils I have tried caused me to belch up nasty fish oil! This Fortifeye Super omega has no after taste at all. I was put on it to help my dry eye and after a few months my dry eyes are 85% better but the best news is my knees which have had multiple sports related injuries over the years feel much better. I am now able to do many activities I have not been able to do for five to six years. Its not fun getting old but thanks to Fortifeye I am feeling younger.

  4. Review by: Katherine Horton

    I would not have believed it if I had not tried it! My eyes have been very dry for years and after two months of taking this fish oil I am finally getting some relief. I have been using Blink tears too , I think does help but the big difference was adding this fish oil.

  5. Review by: Greg Slayton

    This is the best omega 3 fish oil for the best price I have been able to find. The triglyceride form for $25 is a great deal. Thank you for keeping it affordable to the majority of us. This will be my omega 3 from now on.

  6. Review by: Brad Parker

    Dr Lange I have been listening to you on the radio for about 20 years and really trust what u say. I have been taking the Super Omega ever since it first came out and I will not take another omega 3 fish oil. I finally bought your new Fortifeye Super Protein and have to admit this is the best tasting chocolate whey protein I have ever had. It mixes easily in my shaker and is delicious with just water. I didn’t even realize the difference between A1 and A2 cows milk until listening to you one morning and health fitness is my field. I will be recommending it to all of my training partners at the gym! Thanks for developing the highest quality supplements available. Brad

  7. Review by: Collin G

    I have been on Super Omega and Focus for four months and I have noticed a few things: 1. improved skin texture 2. healthier hair and nails 3. less joint pain 4. dry eye symptoms have improved dramatically. I have had no burp back or acid reflux I have had with other brands. Thanks. Collin

  8. Review by: Matt

    your referral of the Fortifeye fish oil. I’ve been using it for only about 2 weeks, and can already tell a difference compared to the PRN product I’d been using. The first thing I’ve noticed is that my eyes no longer burn when I insert my Restasis twice daily. I’m one of those who suffers from almost intolerable burning when using Restasis. Not sure why the Fortifeye has this unexpected reaction, but I’m not complaining! I also saw my ophthalmologist for a regular checkup yesterday. He said that this was the first visit that he had not noticed at least some degradation in my overall eye health since my last visit. So, I’m very pleased about that!

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